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District Attorney Carletta M. Bassano
  Carletta M. Bassano
District Attorney
Hancock & Washington Counties
70 State Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605
(207) 667-4621

DA Bassano ignores findings and admissions of Kellett's serious prosecutorial misconduct
July 15, 2013, By Mark Good
District Attorney Carletta Bassano: “I have full confidence in Mary [Kellett], her judgment and the performance of her responsibilities.”

Supreme Court Judge Ellen Gorman: “This is a serious sanction...It is a sanction that will continue to follow Ms. Kellett for the rest of her life. Should she decide or be asked to leave the prosecutors office, it would hamper, if not completely preclude, her ability to find practice outside of a prosecutors office.”

Marc Stevens files Bar Complaint on behalf of defendant against Hancock County DA Carletta Bassano for her refusal to provide any discovery to the defendant.
December 19, 2012
Grievance Complaint (PDF)

Hancock County DA Says No Conflict with Hiring of New Assistant
August 22, 2012, By Mark Good, The Ellsworth American
ELLSWORTH — Hancock County’s district attorney [Carletta Bassano] says hiring the wife of a well-known local defense attorney as an assistant district attorney is not a conflict of interest.

Rose Chong, who is married to attorney Jeff Toothaker, began working as assistant district attorney at the end of June, said District Attorney Carletta Bassano.

Chong’s lack of experience in criminal matters was not an issue in making the decision to hire her, Bassano said.
“Generally speaking, we hire people without experience, period,” she said. “Most come straight out of law school.”

Informant: Maine Drug Enforcement Agency told me to extort defense lawyer
November 10, 2011, By Judy Harriso, BDN Staff
MACHIAS, Maine — In the midst of a trial, a Superior Court judge recently dismissed drug trafficking charges against a Cherryfield man after investigators and prosecutors failed to share evidence with the defense.
Technically, Murray dismissed the charges for discovery violations by the prosecution. Rini’s attorney, Don Brown of Brewer, said recently that prosecutors are obligated by the discovery rules of evidence to turn over all relevant items — from reports to recordings to test results to audio and video recordings.

Carletta “Dee” Bassano, district attorney for Hancock and Washington counties, said last week that the work of her office should not be judged by one case and certainly not the Rini case.

Paul Cavanaugh, first assistant district attorney for Washington County, also was involved in the case.

“Attorneys in Maine have an ethical obligation to report misconduct of other attorneys if it is a clear violation of our ethical code,” Sarah Churchill, the Portland attorney who is president of the lawyers group, said last week in an email. “If, after a review of the transcript, our organization feels that the ethical code has clearly been violated, we would file a complaint with the Board of Overseers in keeping with our ethical responsibilities as lawyers.”

Maine State Police: Trenton Man Claims Ex-wife Tried to Run Him Down
March 17, 2010, By Jennifer Osborn, The Ellsworth American
ELLSWORTH — The Maine State Police took a complaint last week in Trenton from a man whose ex-wife allegedly tried to hit him with her car.
The results of the investigation were inconclusive, so due to the domestic nature of the incident, the case has been sent to the district attorney for review and recommendation.

Protection Order Violation
May 1, 2011, By Jennifer Osborn, The Ellsworth American
A Blue Hill man called police April 22 to report that a woman he has a protection order against had been texting him repeatedly, which was a violation of the order.
Trooper Tom Pickering spoke to the woman, who said she thought the order had expired. The woman had paperwork to support her claim. However, the protection order had been extended to May. Pickering warned the woman about her behavior.

No Charges In Fatal Accident
April 16, 2009, By Mark Good, The Ellsworth American
MOUNT DESERT — The driver who struck and killed a Southwest Harbor teenager walking along Route 198 last fall will not face criminal charges, Hancock County deputy district attorney Carletta Bassano announced Wednesday.

Investigators close case in fatal Trenton accident
December 30, 2008, By Bill Trotter, BDN Staff
ELLSWORTH, Maine — A local woman won’t be prosecuted for her role in an accident that killed a pedestrian in Trenton last year.

Jill Ihle, 31, initially faced charges after the April 28, 2007, accident that resulted in the death of Arthur Smith Jr., 29, of Steuben.
Police initially suggested rain and fog likely were to blame for the nighttime collision, but said later that tests indicated Ihle had alcohol in her bloodstream when her vehicle struck Smith.
Earlier this year, Ihle made a first appearance in Hancock County Superior Court on prospective charges of aggravated operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants, driving to endanger and reckless conduct.

Hancock County Deputy District Attorney Carletta Bassano said Tuesday, however, that Ihle is not being prosecuted. “The status of this case at this point is that it is closed,” Bassano said. When asked about the lack of a grand jury indictment, Bassano declined to comment.

Smith’s father, Arthur Smith Sr., said Tuesday that he doesn’t think the case was handled properly. Arthur Smith Sr. said he still thinks Ihle should be charged, even if it will never bring his son back. “There were things done that weren’t done right,” the father said. “I just don’t understand it. I guess I never will.”